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American Horror Story Season Premiere

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American Horror Story Season Premiere

Season two of American Horror Story Asylum, takes places at the Briarcliff sanitarium. The episode opened with Leo and Teresa, newlywed thrill seekers. On their “haunted honeymoon,” the couple reaches the Briarcliff sanitarium after walking through piles of debris and tree twigs are shaped like “soul catchers.” The sign that said “no trespassing,” didn’t keep this young couple from entering the building.

The couple explored the building finding all sorts of scary things – death chairs, children’s clothes, etc… However, Teresa and Leo seem to be “turned on” by spooky things and started “doing it” on the death chair. In the middle of the couple’s spooky love-making extravaganza, Teresa hears a noise. She insists that they stop and investigate. The Asylum awakes, and couple finds themselves trapped in a spooky nightmare.

The characters that are back from last season are Evan Peters (Tate) and Jessica Lange (Tate’s mom). In this season, Evan Peters plays Kit Walker, the innocent victim pegged for the crime of killing four women, one of which, was his girlfriend, that he didn’t do. Jessica Lange plays the head nun at the Asylum in Briarcliff and believe it or not, she crazier than she was in the first season.