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Beware of Misleading Products in the Online Health Market

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Beware of Misleading Products in the Online Health Market

Despite significant advances in medical science and health knowledge, consumers in the United States waste billions of dollars each year on products and services that are unproven. The online health marketplace is overwhelmed with misleading products that appear to meet one’s every need and desire. Youth and beauty products are popular problem areas as they are marketed with false claims and they target those desperate for quick fix solutions.

Marketers selling the products are experts when it comes to using buzzwords and catchy slogans. As a result, people are constantly misinformed by words such as “alternative” and “supplement” that are used to promote the fraudulent product. These terms confuse consumers who do not realize that unproven methods are not appropriate alternatives for tried-and-true treatments. Most of the time, these products rarely address the underlying problem.

Doctors are irritated by patients who do not fully understand the risk of using untested, “alternative” health products. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), most consumers are not aware that some products found online contain harmful ingredients that could lead to negative side effects when taken unknowingly.

New York dermatologist, Dr. Larry Jaeger disproves claims made online regarding the credibility of unproven creams and ointments used to cure those struggling with common issues like acne or hair loss. He recognizes that most of these products are ineffective “gimmicks” and encourages people to not buy into false statements regarding their ability to treat a condition.

As Dr. Jaeger saw an increasing number of people waste money on untested, chemical-filled products marketed on the internet he decided to develop Mother Nature MD, a scientifically proven skincare line. Without sacrificing quality, Dr. Jaeger’s line is affordable and uses natural products that are better for the skin.

Online health fraud is a widespread problem and it is challenging to identify those accountable. When responsible parties are found, their websites are typically shut down. However, the same products will typically reappear shortly thereafter on a different website or under a new name. Those seeking healthy, youthful skin should discuss their options with a licensed, board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon, rather than self-treating with misleading products found online.