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Big Names in NYC Business

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Big Names in NYC Business

The greater New York City area has long been a hot spot for new businesses to develop themselves. It is no surprise then that there have been a number of different new businesses emerge as well. Investors and consumers will likely be interested to see how some of these different companies tend to develop their skills over time. This can be a great opportunity for consumers to review the best agencies for jobs and investment prospects as well.

Intelligent Audit

Intelligent Audit has actually been one of the fastest growing teams operating in the area. They posted earnings of $145 million last year, which revealed a substantial amount of growth for the company. Most people will be watching to see if they can continue to compete against some of the larger agencies in the area. They provide a full range of comprehensive audit options for consumers in the area. This will help make sure that consumers are ready to file their taxes successfully each year.


Collecting online data is something that has proven to be important for both businesses and individual consumers. Most people will appreciate that they can learn more information about how these businesses tend to work. Sailthru will offer a unique business model that will no doubt appeal to many out there. It offers people the chance that they need to review their own data and consumer behavior. This service could prove to be useful for both big and small businesses as well.

Island Capital Group

As a merchant banking company focused in areas of real estate such as real estate, Island Capital Group LLC “controls a diverse group of real estate services companies engaged in a broad range of real estate related activities, including commercial mortgage servicing, principal investment, fund management, and financial advisory and consulting services.” Run by Andrew Farkas CEO, Island Capital Group was founded in 2003.

Regal Wings
New York City has certainly cultivated a reputation as a major international tourist destination. It is no surprise then that Regal Wings has proven to be such a successful company over the years as well. They provide luxury level travel services for agencies that operate in the area. They are well known for lending their support to corporations such as Berkshire Hathaway, adding to their overall appeal.

Renegade Furniture Group

This agency has developed its own unique role within the competitive furniture retail field. Many people will be watching to see if they manage to maintain their successful business model. They design and develop their own unique furniture lines for businesses that tend to operate within the area. They cater specifically towards corporate business and companies that operate within the hospitality industry. They are certainly a company to monitor over the course of the next few months.