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Buy A Home Today Instead of Tomorrow

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Buy A Home Today Instead of Tomorrow

With home prices rising and mortgage rates still low, no one can say that now is not a good time to invest in property –especially those that have invested in Mastery Coaching classes from companies like FortuneBuilders. Due to the real-estate surge, bidding wars have even become common place causing homes to be sold in less than 7 days in certain parts of the United States. While this sounds all too good to be true, it’s not and this is why.

Government Contractors

With the government ever increasing their spending, the money has to go somewhere. That’s why government growth and government contractors grow together hand in hand. In fact so many contractors are moving into cities across America that architects and builders who once had to scrape for business now are incredibly busy with the overflow.

Foreign Investors

Even foreign buyers are now investing in local real estate through their real estate brokers. Some companies such as Proxio are so large that they have more than 600,000 real estate agents working world wide for them. Foreign agents sell everything from commercial, residential, and mountains to even churches and hotels. With some agency’s selling over 9,600 transactions annually it’s no wonder local residents have a hard time competing with them.

National Housing Inventory

According to the Wall Street Journal nationally real estate listings were 1.7% down from August. Because of these diminishing inventories the national median asking price is now $187,500 creating more incentive for sellers.

Land Prices

Most people don’t know that land prices are the most expensive cost for home builders. Buying a new home today will be cheaper than in 2014 or 2015 since those homes will be built on land bought at significantly higher prices. This specifically effects areas such as California where land is already hard to come by.