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Common Reasons to Seek Dermatology Treatment

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Common Reasons to Seek Dermatology Treatment

Dermatology is the medical branch concerned with various disorders and treatments of the skin, not to be confused with cosmetic surgery which deals with altering the appearance. Some dermatologists do perform cosmetic surgery, as well as the treatment of skin diseases and disorders. Dermatology deals with skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis and even skin cancer. These are three of the most common reasons people see a dermatologist.

In some cases of acne, there are times when simple over-the-counter products don’t do the job and in fact, can sometimes even make the condition worse as they’re only meant to temporary cleanse and dry out oil overflow and dirt. Acne is the result of build-up of dead bacteria caused by skin oil overflow and it has also been known to cause scarring. As a result, if you have a case of acne, it’s important to get dual-action treatments that treat the problem at its base and many of these can only be prescribed by a dermatologist.

Psoriasis, on the contrary, is caused by an overactive immune system. This means that your skin cells grow up to ten times faster than normal and faster than your skin cells can shed. The tendency to psoriasis is also often inherited so if you have a family history of it, it’s important to let your regular doctor know. If you have psoriasis, it’s important to seek out a dermatologist in order to get the best and right treatments for yourself and so that you can have more of a peace of mind and not be worried about embarrassing flare-ups.

There are at least three forms of skin cancer though melanoma is the deadliest one. It is usually caused by damaged DNA triggering unusual mutations, which cause the skin cells to multiply at unusual rates as the result of excessive UV exposure. The most common sign is the appearance of new moles in any color from brown to white or change in mole growth. Also, any wounds that don’t properly heal may also be a sign. If not caught early, it’s the most likely to metastasize throughout the body over time and lead to death. Especially for skin cancer, it is extremely important to see a dermatologist for follow-ups in order to ensure that you are receiving the proper examinations, the proper preventative treatments. If you have a skin condition or are concerned, it’s important to get an expert opinion. Dermatologists like Dr. Lawrence Jaeger of Advanced Dermatology Associates in New York City can consult and treat patients who have dermatological concerns.