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Eco-Friendly Restaurant Opens in Grand Cayman

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Eco-Friendly Restaurant Opens in Grand Cayman

Recently opened in July of 2013, Eagle Ray’s Dive Bar & Grill has already experienced much success in Grand Cayman’s East End. The restaurant is situated between the Compass Point Dive Resort and Ocean Frontiers, just steps away from the beach.

In addition to being recognized for its splendid views and delicious meals, this Grand Cayman restaurant is also known for its sustainability efforts. Owner, Steve Broadbelt is strategic with his menu offerings. For example, his Lionfish Tacos are not only tasty, but also help rid the reefs of the invasive species by eating them.

A two-time recipient of the Project Aware Environmental Achievement Award and a PADI Green Star Certified Dive Center, Ocean Frontiers operates regular lionfish removal dives. Their efforts are taken to the next level by offering lionfish on the menu at the resort.

Keeping Eagle Ray’s eco-friendly, the bar serves “White Tip Shark” lager by Cayman Islands Brewery on tap so there is no waste with cans or bottles.

According to Broadbelt, the opening of Eagle Ray’s Dive Bar & Grill was in direct response to guest requests. Although the island’s East End offers fabulous diving and a laid back atmosphere, restaurants and bars are limited. Now guests of Compass Point and Ocean Frontiers can appreciate the ocean environment while diving and contribute to its preservation when dining at Eagle Ray’s.