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Enjoying the Cayman Islands

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Seven Mile Beach
This seven-mile beach is just north of Georgetown. It is easily one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. To snorkel all you have to do is walk off the beach, and it is great with many different types of fish and even stingrays found close to shore. Many of the resorts are lined up and down Seven Mile Beach catering to your every need. Looking for a drink or food, don’t worry they will have it. Word of advice, though, to get away from the crowds head north and you can enjoy this beautiful beach with your special someone alone. Keep your eyes peeled here as you may see celebrities walking the beach. It is known that Taylor Swift visits the island often.

Stingray City
This is a definite excursion you have to experience. Arrange a charter and there are many to be taken to where the stingrays feed. Captain Marvin’s is one of our favorites. There will be many boats and charters there but don’t worry about not seeing a stingray. They will come and say “hi” and take whatever food you have for them. It’s like a vacuum on your hand! Take some photos, pet the stingrays and enjoy these elegant creatures. If you look hard you may see come celebrities as well. Jimmy Carter has been spotted at Stingray City taking in the sights. During the excursion, you typically will snorkel and look at amazing fish and possibly go conch diving if it’s in the season. When finished they will make you some conch fritters which are glorious.

Cayman Turtle Farm
This is a definitely a family friendly trip that you can take. Turtles are famous in the Cayman Islands. This is your chance to learn more about the sea turtle, take some photos holding them. There is even a wet tour of the farm to see the sea turtles in their natural habitat. The Cayman Island were named Los Tortugas for this reason alone. There are tons of turtles!