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Finding and Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

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Finding and Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

The first thing one should do if they want a healthier lifestyle is to have a concrete plan in place to get healthier. That plan must have goals, and those goals can’t and shouldn’t be something like, lose 50 pounds in a month, since that’s possible, but definitely not healthy. I’ll discuss things that will allow you, the reader, to set and attain those goals you set for yourself.

The first step is establish a thought pattern change, you have to take this seriously, you want to lose weight, how much and in what time frame? Maybe you just want to feel better about yourself by working out more, or you want to be able to run more miles. Whatever the case may be, you must set goals that you can achieve along the way, call them semi-goals I guess you may say. You must give yourself small rewards on your way to that end result, whatever it may be.

Another aspect in building a healthier lifestyle is to see your doctor, a healthy rule of thumb is to schedule checkups twice a year at a minimum, but for those of us getting older, you may need to see the doctor more often. You should ask and discuss what you’re planning and see if they may have any pointers or may be able to add something you may overlook in your planning. In addition to a PCP, you should also see other specialists like a dermatologist and psychologist. If you need to find a doctor in your area, check some out online (like Dr. Lawrence Jaeger on the Business Journals).

Once you’ve got your plan set, next you must start. That’s probably one of the most challenging aspects of living a healthier lifestyle is starting it, and then, maintaining it. A good way to start is, say it with me, and start slow! I can’t begin to summarize how many people I’ve known that have tried a healthy exercise and diet regiment and started too quickly and got burnt out within the first month and gave up.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is starting a new lifestyle because that’s what you’re doing. Start off by maybe easing back on the unhealthy foods, incorporate a fruit in place of a cookie, park your vehicle a little further out of your place of work or when at the store. As you ease your way into your exercise and diet regiment, make sure it’s gradual because if it is, once you are in it full-force, you almost won’t realize it and that’s when it will truly work, when you don’t realize it’s working, that’s when you gain miles, lose weight and keep it off, gain reps in your bench press, whatever it is that you’re trying to do.

The last thing I’ll say is this, be careful with it. Don’t ever start a new exercise and diet regiment without consulting a medical professional first, just to ensure that what you’re attempting is safe and that it is right for you. I hope this helps you, and good luck in whatever it is that you’re attempting to become healthier, it will be difficult, but very rewarding if you maintain it. Thank you for reading.