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How to Buy Granite Countertops

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How to Buy Granite Countertops

Granite in the kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom is a trend that won’t soon leave us, as it makes for the perfect countertop material.  It’s naturally beautiful, easy to clean and will last forever.  Take a couple minutes to learn everything there is to know about granite kitchen counter tops and then feel confident making a purchase that will last in your home for years.

First, it is important to understand what exactly granite is.  A unique and durable stone, granite is made up of crystallized minerals that have been compacted under great pressure, usually deep in the Earth’s mantle.  The variety in color and appearance is due to this natural formation, even with similar types of stones.

Granite can be used in several different household locations, but there is no better fit for granite than the kitchen.  Granite is heat-tolerant up to 480°F and resists the growth of bacteria, so it can handle it when you forget to wipe the counters on that extremely busy day.  Granite is also durable and extremely difficult to break or stain, which will help making cooking a more enjoyable and stress-free activity.

If you’re now convinced of the benefits of a granite countertop, it’s important that you understand the basics about buying a granite countertop before you go out and make a purchase.  Consider these three factors carefully: Color, Finish and Cost.

Color:    Granite comes in a variety of natural colors, from pale beige to pure black, so take some time to decide what you like best, as well as what goes best with your kitchen, décor, and appliances.  Remember, no matter which color you choose, the beauty of a natural stone is that it will still be completely unique, complete with its own variations and character.

Finish:   Polished and honed finishes are the two options when it comes to granite.  Granite is honed when the grinding process is halted before the stone becomes shiny and still has a matte or satin finish. If the grinding continues, using finer and finer abrasives until the surface is shiny and has a reflective, glossy appearance then the granite has been polished.  Keep in mind that honed granite is slightly more susceptible to stains than polished, but the discolorations should be easy remove.

Cost:      Lastly, always be sure to shop around in your area to verify what constitutes a fair price for the type of granite you want. Your designer or builder should be able to point you in the right direction, but always verify references before ordering stone from a supplier.

Now that you’ve learned the basics, you’re ready to go out and buy yourself a new countertop!