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Why You Should Consider Investing with Real Estate Crowd Funding

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The main idea behind crowd funding, regardless of the industry, is to come up with an online platform where buyers and sellers can meet to exchange property and money. With regards to the real estate industry, the development of crowd funding platforms presents an all new perspective of investing in the real estate industry. In this case, real estate crowd funding platforms allow investors to buy and sell property through the internet. Some real estate crowd funding platforms also allow for investors to purchase equity stakes in various real estate projects. Such platforms have well established mechanisms to allow for safe exchange of property. Regardless of the type of investment opportunity the platform presents, there are various reasons why you should invest through real estate crowd funding platforms today, some of which are discussed in this article.


The recent technological advancements in the field of e-commerce have redefined the use of internet to buy and sell things. The reason why online shopping is so popular today is because many shoppers love the convenience it presents. For instance, this form of shopping allows you to compare various items make your choice and buy the item at the comfort of your home. Due to the rise of crowd funding platforms, investors have a similar opportunity; as an investor, you can compare various real estate investment opportunities, make your choice and finalize the deal over the internet. This implies that you can get institutional-quality commercial at the comfort of your home.


According to the Modern Portfolio Theory, diversity can influence your ability to get optimal returns from an investment opportunity. In this regard, the crowd funding platforms in the real estate industry provide the diversity you need to achieve high returns with your investment. Additionally, these platforms have comparatively low minimum investment amounts. This concept allows investors on the platform to come together and develop an endowment model of investment. This being the case, it is comparatively easy for you to diversify your investment portfolio with these real estate crowd funding platforms.

In real sense you do not have to put your money into one opportunity when investing through crowd sourcing platforms. Instead of investing $200,000 on a single property and waiting for it to mature so that you can cash in, you can split your investment value and use it on various investment opportunities.  This indicates the high level of diversity presented by the real estate crowd funding market places today.

There are real estate investment alternatives to crowdfunding: like flipping homes or buying rental properties.  But when considering those types of riskier investments, one needs to be sure they’re prepared for the commitment to being hands-on, so says Than Merrill of Fortunebuilders. “”Bottom line,” Merrill says, “it takes a long time to master the art of rehabbing. Investors have to be able to anticipate problems and have a counterattack ready.”