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Organizations Bringing New Hope To Chad

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<h2>4 Organizations Bringing New Hope To Chad</h2>

Chad is a landlocked country in the center of Africa, and many people aren’t aware of the plight of residents there. The Republic of Chad has a lot of problems in terms of political violence, food shortages, an influx of refugees, and a lot of other issues that are unique to the country. Despite a great deal of aid going to this area, it falls into the hands of non-profit organizations, and individuals to help in a variety of different ways.

There are a lot of people giving their time, money, and efforts to helping the people of Chad, but some stand out compared to others. With that in mind, take into consideration the following 4 organizations that are bringing new hope to the Republic of Chad today.


<strong>Chad Relief Foundation</strong>

Since 2007, the Chad Relief Foundation has been integral to the people of Southern Chad. Refugees in the areas of Gore, Maro, and Haraze have been directly assisted by this organization by the foundation.

Some of the projects that this organization has assisted directly in is helping bring wheelchairs to the refugees in various areas. They’ve also managed to help with mosquito nets, vitamins, food, and with the process of building villages, schools, and more. They continue to support refugees in the area with financial help, medical assistance, and community construction efforts.


<strong>Islamic Relief USA</strong>

Focusing on Chad, <a href=””>Islamic Relief USA</a> has been contributing to helping the people of Chad since 2006. They organization helps with medical relief, funding construction, economic issues, support systems, donations, and much more. Since 1993, the organization has been responding to the needs of others, and focusing on providing dignity to communities that need help around the world.

The award-winning organization continues to provide relief, resources, and sends humanitarian efforts to Chad annually. They focus on trying to end poverty, with direct action and funding.


<strong>Aid For Africa</strong>

This award-winning organization has been helping Africa, specifically the Republic of Chad through direct action and funding. They have been distributing medical supplies, books, and micro-loans for business in the area. They also work with helping build orphanages, hospitals, and training individuals to continually help with assisting impoverished people in the area.

This organization also makes annual trips with volunteers to help with campaigns, service, construction, and much more. They are independently audited, and funded through charitable contributions.


<strong>Chad World Vision International</strong>

Last, but certainly not least, World Vision Chad has been helping Africa’s impoverished areas since 1984. This organization focuses on helping education, healthcare, and independent economic growth in the communities of Chad. With the help of their donations, and humanitarian trips, World Vision International contributes directly to the need of the people of Chad.

Helping with child sponsorship, clothing, food, water, and much more, the work that is done by this organization meets the needs of millions, and they continue to educate, feed, and assist the impoverished in the Republic or Chad.