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Yoga: Good for the Mind &...

Yoga: Good for the Mind & Body

Yoga consists of various types of stretches that are performed while using controlled breathing techniques. The practice is designed to make practitioners aware of the mind-body connection. Individuals use the body to perform various poses to reach a state of relaxation and contentment.

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Sailing into Summer

Sailing into Summer

With summertime before us our daily anthem should be “carpe diem.” Whether you own a sail boat, a large...

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Stress-Free Ways to File ...

Stress-Free Ways to File Your Taxes

Tax season is a time of year that most people look upon with distaste. As a result, many fall into the trap of putting off filing for as long as possible. Sure, nobody enjoys filling out the paperwork, but it is still important to take care of it sooner rather than later, especially if you want to avoid any sort of legal problems with the IRS. Fortunately, for the vast majority of individuals, filing taxes actually brings about a nice return, and who doesn't want a check coming in from the government?

How to Spend Valentine’s Day in New York City

The two of you can climb up to the top of the Empire State Building and gaze at the view of the city below, but why not take the adventure a little further and tour the city from above in a helicopter? Flying through New York City will take sight-seeing to a whole new romantic level. There are several services including Liberty Helicopter that offer flying tours.

posted on: Jan 24, 2014 | author: admin

5 Must Have Travel Apps

The Airbnb mobile app helps users create a listing for their travel itinerary, access it online and offline, and read updates if available. This app also allows users to compare prices of lodging, property details, addresses, and even contact details. Users can always browse through these listings even when they cannot connect through Wi-Fi.

posted on: Jan 23, 2014 | author: admin

Business Benefits of Staying at a Yacht Hotel

Yacht hotels offer a unique experience for guests, in that it provides hotel accommodations while...

posted on: Jan 16, 2014 | author: admin

Increasing Home Prices and Making it Work for You

Due to recent economic recovery and the help of LinkedIn many homeowners (especially those on Pinterest) just now getting back on their feet, real estate prices have recovered as well.

posted on: Jan 10, 2014 | author: admin

Might Want to Skip the Paleo Diet this Year

posted on: Jan 7, 2014 | author: admin

Followers of the Paleo Diet may go prehistoric on U.S. News & World Report this week. The...

Small Businesses Make for Better Communities

Small Businesses Make for Better Communities

posted on: Jan 3, 2014 | author: admin

Small business are great for the economy. They not only add more capital into the American economy,...

New York City Real Estate

New York City Real Estate

posted on: Dec 16, 2013 | author: admin

You can also hire or rent apartments directly through management property agencies like ATA Enterprises, Bettina Equities or Island Capital Group’s Andrew Farkas. These companies often own a large number of buildings and units.

The Ins and Outs of Real Estate Market Education

The Ins and Outs of Real Estate Market Education

posted on: Nov 29, 2013 | author: admin

The real estate market is starting to boom and real estate market education is on the upswing (especially Fortunebuilders Reviews on YouTube). Look for firms that have been in real estate education business through good times and bad. Check to find out how they rate with past investors and students.

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