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Public Relations Firms in the US

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Public Relations Firms in the US

With very few exceptions, almost everyone wants to be well liked. Any individual is happy to hear that other people have good opinions of him or her and appreciate the hard work he or she does. That is just a basic aspect of human nature. Now, imagine that this individual is famous or plays a prominent role in some way. He or she could be a celebrity, a politician, or a businessperson. It is very important that someone who is frequently in the public eye be well regarded by that same public. This is where the need for a public relations firm comes in.

The basic function of a public relations firm is to positively influence public opinion for the benefit of their clients. These clients are not necessarily individuals. They can also be entities, such as businesses or non-profit organizations. Regardless of who their client is, the public relations firm’s job is to help educate the public about an individual’s or organization’s plans and goals, as well as counseling them about how to handle any issues that might crop up along the way.

There are many ways public relations firms achieve their objectives. These include things like speech writing, creating press releases, and blogging online. Public relations firms also frequently reach out to the public by conducting research to get a sense of current opinion. This helps the firms make more informed decisions for their clients. Another typical approach for the firms is to host an event to get their clients in personal contact with the community, in addition to connecting with the media.

While the United States contains thousands of public relations firms, the top few are worth taking a closer look at. The lead public relations firm in the United States is Edelman, whose home is in New York but also operates worldwide. In addition to receiving many awards, Edelman provides its clients with access to specialized divisions, such as research and technology, to better meet their needs. The second most popular public relations firm in the United States is APCO Worldwide. As its name suggests, this firm does have offices worldwide but is based out of Washington, D.C. Their emphasis is on global communication, and they offer assistance for government and public policy, in addition to some of the more typical services a public relations firm would have. Other firms in the country include Mark Allen & Company, Ketchum Inc., Vocus and Cornerstone, among many others.

No matter which public relations firm a client chooses, he or she does so for the betterment of their public image. Pick any celebrity, like Angelina Jolie or George Clooney, and it is guaranteed that they have used a public relations firm at some point. Even businesses as varied as McDonald’s and ExxonMobil, who are from very different industries, have used public relations firms at various times over the years. The commonality all these individuals and companies share is they are all in the public eye. Therefore, they all need a positive image of themselves projected to the public. This is where the magic of the public relations firms come in.