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Spring and Summer not the Only Seasons to Sell Real Estate

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The spring and summer months are by far the most popular times of year for both buyers and sellers to move forward with their real estate plans. Because of this, you typically have more inventory on the market during these times, and you also unfortunately have more competition for the available inventory. If you are thinking about investing in real estate in the near future, you may be considering holding off until the spring and summer months to do so. However, there are true advantages associated with investing in real estate in the winter.

Less Competition
According to real estate expert Than Merrill – Owner of Fortunebuilders, “Winter isn’t nearly as active as its warmer counterparts (summer and spring) in terms of selling. And it’s not uncommon for homeowners to drop their asking prices with the intent of gaining more interest. It’s safe to assume more homes will be priced to sell when inclement weather prevents most prospective buyers from leaving their own driveway.”

As an investor, you undoubtedly want to get the best deal possible for your investment. However, getting caught up in a bidding war with other buyers can easily drive the price of your investment up and can even make it less profitable for you to make certain investments. Because there is less competition in the marketplace during the winter months, you are less likely to get involved in a bidding war and more likely to have your offer accepted as-is.

Easier Negotiations
Real estate inventory often takes longer to sell during the winter months, and the extra days and weeks that properties sit on the market with limited interest in them can cause some sellers to get anxious. They may eagerly jump at the offer to sell their home and may be less inclined to negotiate against you. More than that, they may be more open to accepting your negotiated terms.

Better Deals
One of the keys to real estate investment success is to find truly great deals in the marketplace. Your ability to buy low and later to sell high can help you to turn a great profit. When you search for real estate in the winter months, you may be more likely to find better deals. Some sellers, for example, may be inclined to list their property slightly below market when taking the time of year into consideration. More than that, some of the better deals available may be easier for you to land because of reduced competition.

You could wait around for months for the weather to warm up and for the hot spring and summer months to improve the real estate market. On the other hand, you could jump right into the market to look for hot deals right now. As you can see, there are many advantages associated with buying in the winter months, so take time to explore the market more thoroughly today.