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Summer Pest Control Solutions

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Summer Pest Control Solutions

Cool summer nights should marked by barbeque parties, running after the ice cream truck, and lounging in the pool. They should not be spent swatting away at mosquitoes, or being irritated by other critters. There are a slew of mosquito-repellant products available in the market ranging from traditional sprays, and candles, to innovative clip on fans. Studies show that the impact of such products is mixed, and constant use may lead to exposure of unnecessary chemicals. However, experts do recommend avoiding the use of scented perfumes and lotions when spending time outside during peak mosquito times, as such products trend to attract mosquitoes in larger numbers. One of the ways to ensure your house is bug-free is to invest in treatments which will identify mosquito home breeding zones, and offer the best solutions to eliminate them and prevent them from reappearing.

Experts say that mosquito infestations may be particularly irksome, and begin to appear earlier this season due to changing climate conditions. Florida’s climate is especially conducive to mosquitoes resulting in 80 of the 176 mosquito species found in the United States residing in the humid region. For the most part, mosquito bites are harmless, but sometimes, they can lead to something greater. Mosquito bites are not only bothersome because they itch and swell, they also have the potential to carry dangerous diseases such as West Nile and dengue fever. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 65 cases of West Nile diseases in Florida for 2012.

To subside the irritation cause by mosquito bites, most doctors recommend calamine lotion, hydrocortisone cream, or an ice pack. Other people swear by non-traditional forms of treating mosquito bites, including concoctions featuring vinegar, lemons, and even toothpaste, among other ingredients.

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