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Summer Travel Ideas

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Summer Travel Ideas

Every year, more and more people trek across the country and around the world to spend some time in the city that never sleeps. New York City tourism is marked by historical buildings, sprawling museums, unique food options, beautifully landscaped parks, and other renowned attractions. Themed tours are growing in popularity as an entertaining way to get an interactive and informative experience of the various elements that make up New York City’s culture.

Food tours are perfect for foodies who want to sample all the specialty cuisine New York City has to offer.  In the Greenwich Village Food and Culture Walking Tour, which lasts three hours, attendees sample bites at seven locations including Murray’s, deemed the best cheese shop in NYC, Milk & Cookies, an authentic 1950s style bakery, and Joe’s Pizza, a classic NY style pizzeria. The Ultimate New York Food Tour provides more diverse, ethnic options such as falafel sandwiches, kati rolls, and rice balls. Some tours are also interactive, allowing attendees to make their own cupcakes or sushi rolls as part of the adventure.

NYC is also the backdrop to countless films and TV shows, and many tours strive to highlight the glamour and star power of New York. In the Superhero Walking Tour, visitors see monumental buildings from movie scenes, like the Chrysler Building from ‘Spider-Man’ and the United Nations Building, from ‘Batman’ up close, and in person. Tour guides provide interesting tidbits of information about inaccuracies in the films, and funny stories that occurred during filming. ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘Gossip Girl’ are perhaps two of the most famous TV shows situated entirely in NYC. These walking tours allow visitors to experience the life of Carrie or Serena first-hand, and visit the famous bars, clubs, boutiques, and hotels depicted on screen. More general TV and Movie Site tours are also available highlighting famous sites such as the apartment building from ‘Friends’, the brownstone used in ‘I Am Legend’, and the pub used as inspiration in ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

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