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The Finanical Burdens of College

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The Finanical Burdens of College

The financial burden of an unpaid internships or a study abroad problems can be trouble-some for students who are already thousands of dollars in debt. If the trouble of tuition isn’t enough, let’s add the cost the “must-have-in-order-to-graduate internship” or the resume-builder study abroad program that you “can’t pass up.”

Many college programs require you to complete an internship before graduation. Other college programs offer study abroad opportunities that are highly recommended. Even though more colleges are offering to help students decrease this financial burden with different scholarships, it remains a problem for many students.

Nick Reck, for example, was selected for an summer internship in a senator’s office on Capitol Hill. He accepted the internship even though he can’t afford it.

“It was not a question of if I would do this or not, it was a question of how I would do this,” said Reck, 20, a rising junior from Pennsylvania who is mostly paying for college by himself with loans.

Luckily, Reck has a grandfather in nearby Arlington, which mean he has a free place to stay. Reck is a student of the College of William and Mary, which gave him $1250 help cover Metro fare, food and other expenses as part of a scholarship for students doing public service internships. Reck is one of the many students forced to “figure it out,” and he’s lucky to have family and a university looking out for him.

DC internships are especially hard. A lot of the internships in DC are unpaid, which could deter highly qualified candidates from even trying. It’s not so much about “who you want to be,” it’s more like “what can I afford to be.”

New York University is another university offering help to students. Recently, New York University opened the new “study away,” program in D.C. The “study away” program will help students who are applying for internships and other programs specifically in D.C. by offering housing, study rooms, and resource centers for students pursuing government, politics, public administration and journalism careers.

The Connie Milstein and Family Global Academic Center, located near Thomas Circle in Northwest D.C., officially opened last month.