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Tips for a successful career in business

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For a successful career in business, you need to implement certain actions in your life such as: knowledge, a joy in imparting that knowledge to others and basic business skills. A talk at Dartmouth by David Leuschen of Riverstone detailed some of his experiences and offered advice for career success.

First, get your own website and charge what you are worth. Having your own website can create a pathway to success in business. Having your own website provides a home base, give you control over how you use and design it and will help you branch out more effectively with social media and potential clients. Then, take a good look at your goals, assess your niche and think about the kind of clients you want to work with. Next, begin to set the rates for your services. To ensure that your business is positioned as an exclusive provider, charge more than the going rate in your area.

Give thought to certification and know your strengths. Keep in mind; even though you don’t need any special certification, it could be a huge factor with a client when he or she makes a decision on who to turn to for help. Focusing on your strengths will help boost your self-confidence and provide more effective experiences for your clients.

Get organized and always reward loyalty. In order to operate a successful business, you must be disciplined, organized and a self-starter. You must also be able to stick to a schedule, manage your time well and plan your day in an efficient manner. Keep in mind; it costs more to get new clients than to keep existing ones. Offering bonuses or discounts to your regular clients is not a waste of t time and money, but a worthwhile investment. In addition, reward those who recommend you to others. This is marketing at its finest and is cost effective.

Volunteer and keep marketing. One great way to give back to your local community is to volunteer. Before doing this, think about and choose an activity that suits your availability and interests and one that allows you to demonstrate your expertise. Make sure to always take time for marketing. Customers and potential customers need to always know who you are and what you are selling. Remember, your competitors will be marketing, so always take time.

To conclude, to be successful in business certain actions need to be taken such as getting your own website and knowing your strengths. Follow one or more of the above tips, and enjoy a successful business career.