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Traveling to Montana: What Not to Miss

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People travel for many different reasons, but one of the most popular reasons is to get away from the responsibilities of everyday life and take a break. While traveling, it is important to take in the culture of and experience the things that are unique to the specific area that’s being visited – Montana is no different. Travel typically consists of three things: finding a nice, comfortable place to stay, finding good food to eat, and finding fun things to do. All three of these things are readily available while in Montana, people just need to know where to look.

Montana Accommodations

Traditional hotel chains are available in many cities in Montana, but since the state has so much natural beauty to offer, many people choose to stay in areas and accommodations that will allow them to experience the landscape, culture and nature. Resorts often offer the best view of and access to Montana’s natural hot springs. Places like the Boulder Hot Springs and the Chico Hot Springs Resort and Day Spa are great options, offering many amenities and opportunities for guests to explore. For those that are not looking to visit the springs but still want to get that Montana cowboy experience, ranches like the Rocking Z Guest Ranch in Wolf Creek and The Lodge at Whitefish Lake give guests a chance to fish, boat and ride horses throughout their stay.

Eating Well in Montana

Enjoying food can make any vacation better, so some people choose places to stay based on the proximity of restaurants. Montana offers great food of many different varieties from restaurants like Ox Pasture in Red Lodge, the brainchild of Alexia and David Leuschen which specializes in using fresh, local ingredients to create delicious menu items as well as offering out of the ordinary items like homemade sodas, fresh bison meatballs from Haskill Station in Whitefish, or the steak and potato pasty with gravy from Joe’s Pasty Shop in Butte. For people looking to enjoy some local drinks, many wineries and breweries offer countless options, sure to have something for everyone, no matter what type of drink you’re looking for.

Things to Do and Sights to See in Montana

Montana is filled with a variety of shopping, cultural events, outdoor activities and landmarks, so there will be multiple opportunities to explore, no matter what part of the state is visited. Guided tours of the rivers, agricultural areas and wildlife, are available for booking as are scenic drives, hiking trails and hunting, camping and fishing packages. Those looking to shop should be sure to stop in small antique stores and businesses that sell local, handmade products and art – the best part? No sales tax!

For families, there are plenty of options, too. Art galleries and museums will teach children and their parents about the local culture and the history of the area, while visiting Indian reservations can offer some firsthand experience of now the Native Americans live and work, and the dinosaur exploration areas offer a chance for kids to be kids.

Since the weather is so different throughout the year in Montana, it is important to do research before booking a trip. Water parks and festivals will occur in the warmer months while skiing, ice fishing and finding indoor activities may be necessary in the winter… no matter what time of year the visit takes place during, Montana has a great deal to offer people even if they have been to the state before.