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What is Fracking?

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What is Fracking?

Fracking is the process of extracting natural from shale. Shale is located in many different regions in the U.S. and there are many different types of shale such as, Bakken, Barnett, Eagle Ford, Haynesville, and Marcellus. Bakken shale is located across Montana, while Marcellus shale is located across New York and Pennsylvania. Energy from shale has the potential to fuel the U.S. for more than 100 years. This untapped potential could mean energy independence from foreign oil sources.

So how does fracking work? – In order to extract natural gas, deep wells are drawn into the ground. Fracking wells can reach depths as far as 7,000 ft or more. In order to release the natural gas from shale rock formations a massive amount of pressure is applied. Water, fracking fluid and sand are pushed into the ground creating fissures. The sand holds the fissures open and the fracking fluid helps the natural gas run quickly and efficiently into the well. The natural gas is collected and sent to different manufacturing companies to use as an alternative energy solutions.

Even though natural gas is a fossil fuel, it releases half the amount of carbon emission into the air compared to traditional fossil fuels. Therefore, using natural gas provides strong environmental benefits, which aligns with the Obama Administration’s Clean Air Act. In fact, many manufacturing companies have already switched to natural gas in an effort to cut its carbon emissions.

The natural gas industry continues to grow despite controversy. Controversies include water contamination and earthquakes. Studies done by the Environmental Protection agency state fracking is not related to water contamination. Studies have also indicted that if an earthquake is caused by fracking the earthquake is too small to work about. As long as natural gas production companies are following strict compliance, fracking is safe.